Monday, April 15, 2013

LEST WE FORGET - Titanic Tribute 1 - Traveling in Style - REPOST

Taking a break from Toscana.  A special tribute must be paid to the lives that were lost on the Titanic on 4/14/1912. What better tribute than to talk about the entertaining portion of the trip (the music, food and more) because the Titanic was one of the first ocean liners to take food seriously for its passengers. See menus below:

There were 3 classes: first, second and third. Main course: From 11 courses in first class to 4-7 courses in 2nd class and 4 courses in 3rd class the food was a top priority.  There were over 6,000 meals prepared on the maiden voyage of the Titanic from a la carte to the "Ritz" dining room.  The ship left Southampton in the UK, went to Cherbourg in France then to Cobh in Ireland and then towards Canada.  All the while the passengers were sipping on cocktails, walking and sunning on the decks, swimming and more!!
It has been said that there were over 2200 passengers and 33 nationalities.  The top four (in numbers) were Americans, British, Canadian and French. What a mixture of cultures and food choices!
British preferred scones and the Americans corn bread!
British puddings and the Americans ice cream!
French and Italian wines on the list!
To be continued on 4 12 2012 and 4 16 2013.

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