Friday, June 22, 2012

Croatia Part 1 June 22nd is a National Holiday!!

June 22 is the annual Anti-Fascist Struggle Day which is a national holiday and celebration in Croatia. It is celebrated on June 22, as it marks the beginning of the uprising of Croatian anti-fascist Partisans  against German and Italian occupying forces, that started with the forming of the First Sisak Partisan Detachment on June 22, 1941 near Sisak, Croatia.  FROM WIKI.

Check out these photos of this popular European getaway!! Cities are Dubrovnik, Senj, Makarska, Vodice, Zagreb, Rovinj, Split, Trojir and more. 

Languages spoken are Croatian and Italian!! 







Grenache, Shiraz, Merlot and more!!

Sretan vino za piće

Felice di bere vino

Part 2 to come June 21 2012

Part 3 to come June 22 2012

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