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REPOST 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY - Homage to Chinqua-Penn Plantation PART 3

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In Part Two (see blog archive) I talked about the cookbooks that "might" have been in the butler's pantry.  Now we need to talk about recipes that might have been prepared during Chinqua Penn's days with the Penn family.

The "red plaid book" or the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book (my own personal copy from 1953) featured Chapters on 1. Meal Planing and Nutrition 2. Special Helps such as Ideas for lunch-box meals 3. Appetizers such as: fruit cocktails, fruit and vegetable juice cocktails, seafood cocktails, hors d'ouevres, canapes AND Beverages such as: hot and cold beverages. 

Appetizer recipe: Shrimp New Orleans = 1 1/2 lb fresh shrimp cooked or 2 6 1/2-7 oz cans shrimp; 1/3 cup salad oil; 1 TBSN vinegar; salt & pepper; 2 TBSN prepared mustard; 1 tsp paprika' 2 green onion tops, minced; 1 celery heart minced.  ** Clean shrimp. ** Combine remaining ingredients over shrimp and toss lightly. Chill 2 hr in the refrigerator.  ** Serve with shredded lettuce or in scallop shells. ** Makes 6 servings. 

Appetizer recipe: Oahu Frappe = Cook 1/2 sugar & 3/4 cup water 5 minutes. ** Cool slightly ** Add 3/4 cup strained orange juice & 1 1/2 cups unsweetened pineapple juice ** Freeze to a mush ** Serve in chilled sherbet glasses ** Garnish with grated orange peel ** Makes 6 servings.

Other appetizers in the book include: crab-meat cocktail, Crab Meat-Bacon Rolls, Blue-cheese rolls. 
Beverage Recipes include: hot chocolate, hot spiced tea, mint lemonade, lime tinkle, tutti fruitti-ade.

Beverage recipe: Golden Summer Punch = 1 6oz can each of frozen orange juice concentrate & lemonade concentrate, 1 12 oz can apricot nectar, 1 No. 2 can (2 1/2 cups) pineapple juice  ** Add water to frozen concentrates as directed on cans ** Chill  ** Serve in punch bowl ** Float block of ice in punch ** Garnish with orange slices ** Makes about 3 quarts.

*Continuing with the cookbook the 4th chapter is all about breads:  
Quick breads, muffins and yeast breads.
Quick breads include: 
     date & cheese bread, kaffee kuchen, cowboy coffeecake, blueberry buckle
Muffins include:  best-ever muffins, pineapple muffins, swedish timbale cases
Biscuits include: orange biscuits, biscuits supreme
This chapter also covers griddle cakes, waffles, doughnuts, yeast breads, raised rolls, sandwiches

* Chapter 5 Cakes Frostings and fillings
* Chapter 6 Candy
* Following chapters include Canning & Freezing, Casseroles & One-dish meals, Outdoor cooking, Table settings and much much more!!

You can still buy this book on-line. Great read!!

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