Friday, October 11, 2013

ITALIAN: Hot and Spicy by Giada

NOTE:  Love Giada but not the treatment of her and many of the chefs on   
  • They fired Paula Deen for nothing and now are running (for example, today 6 episodes of "Unwrapped" in a row). Since they don't have the Deen family to post anymore they are running out of material and running 9 year old episodes (This episode is from 2004 but I think the recipes are great and applicable to today's cooks).
  • They don't post photos a lot on the recipe pages (especially on the older ones - saving space on servers) - so we can't see what the finished dish looks like so I have used some GENERIC PHOTOS HERE if I couldn't locate somewhere else. 


Hot & Spicy

Giada invites a few friends over for dinner with a spicy

 bite, from appetizer through dessert. Her delicate angel 

hair pasta gets a little "diavolo" with red pepper, and 

even her rich chocolate mousse has some delicious 


Recipes in This Episode

Spicy Chicken

Fiery Angel Hair Pasta

Chili Oil

Wicked Hot Chocolate Mousse

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