Monday, November 26, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW - Better Than Bouillon - Sodium Watch

The photos speak for themselves:

680 mg of sodium in one teaspoon of this product. 1 tsp makes 1 cup or ...

See photos.  Recommended amount of sodium per day for an adult is 1500 - 2200 (max) per day.

The last photo shows the sodium.  Both chicken and beef have same amount of sodium so i didn't bother with another photo. Now think about it. If you make something for one meal for 2 (1 cup per person) you have over 1/2 of daily alloted sodium per day and that is just the broth. If you drink that and eat one other thing you have GOTTEN YOUR SODIUM FIX FOR THE DAY!! 


There are hundreds of web sites out there warning of sodium dangers.  This is just one above. 

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