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REPOST 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY - Homage to Chinqua-Penn Plantation PART 3

Links to Parts One and Two:



In Part Two (see blog archive) I talked about the cookbooks that "might" have been in the butler's pantry.  Now we need to talk about recipes that might have been prepared during Chinqua Penn's days with the Penn family.

The "red plaid book" or the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book (my own personal copy from 1953) featured Chapters on 1. Meal Planing and Nutrition 2. Special Helps such as Ideas for lunch-box meals 3. Appetizers such as: fruit cocktails, fruit and vegetable juice cocktails, seafood cocktails, hors d'ouevres, canapes AND Beverages such as: hot and cold beverages. 

Appetizer recipe: Shrimp New Orleans = 1 1/2 lb fresh shrimp cooked or 2 6 1/2-7 oz cans shrimp; 1/3 cup salad oil; 1 TBSN vinegar; salt & pepper; 2 TBSN prepared mustard; 1 tsp paprika' 2 green onion tops, minced; 1 celery heart minced.  ** Clean shrimp. ** Combine remaining ingredients over shrimp and toss lightly. Chill 2 hr in the refrigerator.  ** Serve with shredded lettuce or in scallop shells. ** Makes 6 servings. 

Appetizer recipe: Oahu Frappe = Cook 1/2 sugar & 3/4 cup water 5 minutes. ** Cool slightly ** Add 3/4 cup strained orange juice & 1 1/2 cups unsweetened pineapple juice ** Freeze to a mush ** Serve in chilled sherbet glasses ** Garnish with grated orange peel ** Makes 6 servings.

Other appetizers in the book include: crab-meat cocktail, Crab Meat-Bacon Rolls, Blue-cheese rolls. 
Beverage Recipes include: hot chocolate, hot spiced tea, mint lemonade, lime tinkle, tutti fruitti-ade.

Beverage recipe: Golden Summer Punch = 1 6oz can each of frozen orange juice concentrate & lemonade concentrate, 1 12 oz can apricot nectar, 1 No. 2 can (2 1/2 cups) pineapple juice  ** Add water to frozen concentrates as directed on cans ** Chill  ** Serve in punch bowl ** Float block of ice in punch ** Garnish with orange slices ** Makes about 3 quarts.

*Continuing with the cookbook the 4th chapter is all about breads:  
Quick breads, muffins and yeast breads.
Quick breads include: 
     date & cheese bread, kaffee kuchen, cowboy coffeecake, blueberry buckle
Muffins include:  best-ever muffins, pineapple muffins, swedish timbale cases
Biscuits include: orange biscuits, biscuits supreme
This chapter also covers griddle cakes, waffles, doughnuts, yeast breads, raised rolls, sandwiches

* Chapter 5 Cakes Frostings and fillings
* Chapter 6 Candy
* Following chapters include Canning & Freezing, Casseroles & One-dish meals, Outdoor cooking, Table settings and much much more!!

You can still buy this book on-line. Great read!!

Quick lunch

Christine's quick sicilian chicken

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REPOST 1 YR ANNIVERSARY - Homage to Chinqua-Penn Plantation PART 2

See above:  ^^^^^^^^ 1953 red plaid cookbook featuring more than 1,000 recipes for appetizers, candy, canning, jiffy cooking, pies, vegetables, and more. Original, vintage illustrations, more than 50 color photos of finished foods, more than 250 black-and-white how-to and food identification photos, all reprinted with a gently aged, nostalgic patina. 19 chapters filled with hearty, beloved ‘50s favorite recipes such as mouthwatering Buttermilk Biscuits, Raised Doughnuts, and Feather Sponge Cake. Entertaining advice for buffets and holidays, plus a table setting and etiquette guide. Hundreds of time-tested hints and tips ensure standout results.

Recipes especially prepared for the General Electric refrigerator by Miss Alice Bradley, principal of Miss Farmer's School of Cookery, Cooking Editor of Women's Home Companion, Author of: Cooking for Profit, Candy Cook Book, For Luncheon and Supper Guests.
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  See above:  Electric Refrigerator Cookbook 1927. Recipes especially prepared for the GeneRecipes especially prepared for the General Electric refrigerator by Miss Alice Bradley, principal of Miss Farmer's School of Cookery, Cooking Editor of Women's Home Companion, Author of: Cooking for Profit, Candy Cook Book, For Luncheon and Supper Guests.

To the right above >>>>>>: The Fannie Farmer Cookbook circa 1896. A best seller for over a century for those who want to do traditional American cooking.  1380 recipes. A collectors item and you should have it in your collection. AKA 1896 Boston Cooking-School Cookbook. Download pdf of newer version at

 See above to the right:  ^^^^^^^^^ 1861 Beetons Book of Household Management. First edition 1861 but it was used on into the early 1950's and you can still buy it in a new form or an older form. This time (over 1000 pages) was a guide to all aspects of running a household in Victorian Britain. Interesting read. You can download the entire book on line at

To the right:  >>>>>> The Compleat Housewife, or Accomplish'd Gentlewoman's Companion. Even though published in London in 1727 it is believed to be the "first" cookbook to be published in the US. Recipes for cooking, medicines and how to run your household among other. 
The White House Cookbook 1929:  
The title page states: " A comprehensive cyclopedia of information for the home, containing cooking, toilet and household recipes, menus, table etiquette, care of the sick, health suggestions, facts worth knowing, etc. by Hugo Ziemann and Mrs. F. L. Gillette, steward of the White House. Revised by Mrs. Mary E. Dague."


Recipe link from THE TALK - CBS - April 25 2013


Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with ramps and herbed bread-


Marinated beet salad with La Tur cheese and hazelnuts

Scarpetta Restaurants Signature Cocktail: SAN REMO

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REPOST 1 YR. ANNIVERSARY - Homage to Chinqua Penn Plantation Reidsville NC 27320 PART 1

4/22/2012-4/26/2012. Jeff & Betsy Penn's and owners' collections of antiques public viewing & auction.  Items brought $3.2 million.  Auction was held by Iron Horse Auction Company: 
and Leland Little Auctions did the auctioning.  I don't know how long these links will be good as we all move onto other things. ***** I first visited Chinqua Penn in 1987 and was enthralled with the "little Biltmore" as it is affectionately named. Visited Biltmore after that. ***** I won't go into the story as to why the contents were auctioned off. You can Google that. Below is one of my personal photos of the Chinese pagoda.  It didn't look like this last week.  I couldn't bear to take a photo of it in its deteriorating condition although I took over 400 photos during the dates above.

My intent here is to talk about the Food, Kitchen, etc. since this is a food blog.  Plantation's main history goes from 1925 to 1965.  Link to site IS NOW TEMPORARILY CLOSED:  Jeff and Betsy Penn were world travelers and had antiques, memorabilia, objets d'arts from ALL over the world so the food could have been American, Chinese, French, etc.  I am only speculating on the menus as there is not much research on the foods they served.

Part 2 will be cookbooks that might have been in the kitchen where the servants prepared the food.

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Western PA Ethnic Cooking - Part 6 - Ukranians - RECIPES, PHOTOS AND VIDEOS



Hungarians (or Ruthenians)
Provinces of Ruthenia and Eastern Galicia) which fell under Austro-Hungarian empire till 1918.
Came to US as strike breakers because uneducated and taken advantage of. Many of the other immigrants to the area hated them because of the strike breaking activities but the money they sent home caused more and more Ukranians to come to US.

Pre-World War 1 - western Pa - Pittsburgh, Homestead, McKeesport, McKees Rocks, Butler, New Castle and Johnstown. After WWI a few moved on to Erie county while others established small businesses in immigrant communities like the South Side of Pittsburgh.

A few favorites:

Chicken Kiev with Mushroom Sauce
Ukrainian Nut Torte
Sour Cream Cookies
Ukrainian Apple Squares


Chicken Kiev recipe links

Chicken Kiev VIDEOS LINK (several videos)






Sour cream cookies LINKS



Ukrainian Apple Squares

Link to several apple square recipes

Apple squares VIDEO

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Western PA Ethnic Cooking - Part 5 - African American - WITH ADDED VIDEOS, BLOGS AND MORE!!


  • Sothern blacks didn't like organized labor so came from South to Pittsburgh as "strike breakers".
  • 1875-1890  --  1910-1930
  • Stayed in boarding houses
  • Came from Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama
  • After WWII till 1950 more came from the south
  • Unskilled laborers


New immigrants

Between 1870 and 1920, the population of Pittsburgh grew almost sevenfold. Many of the new residents were immigrants who sought employment in the factories and mills and introduced new traditions, languages, and cultures to the city. Ethnic neighborhoods emerged on densely populated hillsides and valleys, such as South Side, Polish HillBloomfield, and Squirrel Hill, home to 28% of the city's almost 21,000 Jewish households.[48] The Strip District, the city's produce distribution center, still boasts many restaurants and clubs that showcase these multicultural traditions of Pittsburghers.[35]
Downtown Pittsburgh panorama, from 1920.

The years 1916-1830 marked the largest migration of African-Americans to Pittsburgh. Known as the cultural nucleus of Black Pittsburgh, Wylie Avenue in the Hill District was an important jazz mecca.  Jazz greats such as Duke Ellington and Pittsburgh natives Billy Strayhorn and Earl Hines played there.  Two of the Negro League's greatest rivals, The Pittsburgh Crawfords and the Homestead Grays, often competed in the Hill District. The teams dominated the Negro Nation League in the 1930s and 1940s. 









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