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International food blog: INTERNATIONAL: Meatballs for Holiday Parties

International food blog: INTERNATIONAL: Meatballs for Holiday Parties: LINK to sweet-and-spicy-cranberry-cocktail-meatballs-recipe/ LINK TO Russian-tomato -meatballs/ LINK to Moroccan-me...

INTERNATIONAL: Meatballs for Holiday Parties

40 plus Italian meatball recipes and videos

INTERNATIONAL: BORDERLESS CUISINE 21 - Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Crete

Greek and Turkey have interacted in their foods, culture, etc.  Cyprus was a Greek Island until the 1970's when the Turks invaded Cyprus and took over.  Today there are Greek and Turkish influences.  Elements of both cuisines are a mixture of Western and Eastern food.

When I was in Cyprus in the 1970's I stayed on the Greek side and met many wonderful Greek people.  We were not permitted to cross over (after 1974) into the Turkish part.  I was told if I took any photos the guard would confiscate my camera!! I spent three weeks there and have fond memories of the Greek Cypriots and their cuisine. 

Crete is a Greek island.  I met some Cretan natives (kypriakoús) in Germany in the 1960's.  Nice people. That's when I learned how to make carrot cake.   LINK to Cretan Carrot Cake Recipe

‘Stuffed Grape Leaves’ are one of the most popular Greek (dolmades), Turkish (dolmas), Cypriot (Koupepia) and Cretan (dolmadakia) dishes.

LINK to Cretan Dolmadakia with VIDEO

A Special Recipe that arrived in my Gmail very recently Below!!

LINK to step by step Mediterranean Stuffed Grape Leaves


Photos of Moussaka aka 

LINK to Greek Moussaka or Mousakas Recipe

LINK to Turkish Musakka Recipe

LINK to Greek and Cypriot Moussaka VIDEO

LINK to Cretan Moussaka VIDEO


Photos of Meatballs aka Kkeftedákia or köfteler, etc.

LINK to Greek Meatballs or Giouvalakia Recipe

LINK to Kofte or Turkish Meatballs Recipe

LINK to Greek and Cypriot Meatballs Recipe

Link to Keftedes or Greek Meatball Recipes


LINK to Greek Baklava Recipe

LINK to Turkish Baklava Recipe

Other Baklava Photos 

Cypriot and Crete Baklava Links below

LINK to Cypriot Baklava

LINK to Cretan Baklava

INTERNATIONAL: BORDERLESS CUISINE 22 - Middle East 1 - Herbs and Sprices

Above are maps of the Middle East showing the countries that are included.  Map 1 is a more traditional map and the second map is a modernized version. 

LINK to Middle Eastern Spices and Herbs

LINK to Middle East Info

LINK to the 8 Most Used Spices in Arab Cuisine

Cumin aka ground caraway





Anise seed