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INTERNATIONAL: Bread of the Week 66: Easter Breads Around the World: Recipes, Photos and Videos


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LINK to Gubana (Italian) Easter Bread

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NOTE:  There are variations of all the recipes on this post.  Each area of a country or city may make these Easter breads unique from others.

There are Easter breads From Kulich to...

Kulich is only eaten between Easter and Pentecost. The recipe for kulich is similar to that of Italian panettone (sweet bread originally from Milan, Italy) which is usually served at Christmas and New Year in Europe, Horn of Africa and in former French, Spanish and Portuguese colonies. 
The bread has been adapted to be served at Easter. Kulich is only eaten between Easter and Pentecost. 

Pupi or Titola (Italian)to ...

In the above recipe they refer to pinza dough NOT pizza dough.  The dough is lighter. 

  Pinza (Croatia) to ...

LINK to Pinza sweet Easter bread recipe

Tsoureki (Greek and Italian) to ...

LINK to Tsoureki recipe

Koulourakia (Greek & Turkey) to ...

LINK to Koulourakia recipe

( Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova and Serbia)

to Cozonac/Houska/Kozunak (Romania and Bulgaria) Czechoslovaia and Bohemian Germany

Paska/Pasca (Ukraine, Moldova and Romania) to

 Babka (Ukraine, Poland and Belarus) to 

Osterbrot (Germany) to

Brioche (French) to

LINK to classic French brioche

Tarta de Santiago (Spanish) to

Pane di Pasqua (Italian) to

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