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INTERNATIONAL: BORDERLESS CUISINE 8 - Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary

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Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary

Local cuisine is under a considerable influence of the neighboring countries’ cuisines: Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary. Its basis are made up with cereals, dairy products, meat (especially pork), sea and fresh-water fish, vegetables, beans, olives and grape.

Slovenia has borrowed sausage from other countries.

Flancati or Pohanje - is a rough puff pastry. 

Wiener Schnitzel is a breaded veal dish from Austria and other countries.

and strudel from Austrian cuisine which is also prepared in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Hungary.

Among popular Italian dishes, which can be tasted in Slovenia, there are almost all kinds of dishes made from pasta (testenine),
potato dumplings called gnocchi,

with Video

Gnocchi are also eaten in Italy, Croatia, France, Poland, Slovenia and South America 
(several Italians settled in SA)

pizza (pica), risotto (rižota) and zlikrofi,
 which resemble ravioli.

LINK to Zlikrofi-dumplings recipe with step-by- step instructions

Hungarian cuisine has gifted the local one with goulash (golaz), braised chicken or beef (paprikas) 

and palacinke – thin pancakes which are filled with jam or nuts and chocolate is poured over them. 

Apple pie and meat double-cake (burek) relate to the main Balkan dishes.


LINK to Part 2  - Filled Pastries

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