Tuesday, December 7, 2021

INTERNATIONAL: BORDERLESS CUISINE 5-2 - Phyllo or Filo or fillo dough or pastry (the Balkans)

                           Bülbül yuvası – A Turkish dessert 
                                   with pistachios & syrup. 

 (Turkishbülbülyuvası, "nightingale's nest" , is a Turkish phyllo dough dessert. It takes its name from its hollow and circular shape. Having been baked, warm syrup is sprinkled, and the hollow center is filled with pistachios before being served.

Bundevara – A Serbian sweet pie filled with pumpkin. Bundevara is a Serbian sweet pie made of rolled phyllo or similar to strudel, filled with sweetened grated pumpkin pulp and baked in an oven. Occasionally some nutmeg, cinnamon or similar spices may be added to the filling, as well as raisins or grated lemon rinds. It is usually dusted with icing sugar and/or vanilla sugar, and may be served either hot or cold.

Note:  the cook in the video used butternut squash instead of pumpkin which is okay: similar taste and consistency

Galaktoboureko – A Greek dessert consisting of filo and semolina custard filo. It may be made in a pan, with filo layered on top and underneath and cut into square portions, or rolled into individual servings (often approximately 10 cm (4 in) long). It is served or coated with a clear, sweet syrup. The custard may be flavored with lemon, orange, or rose.

Zeljanica – A Serbian/Bosnian dish made from filo, spinach, white cheese and eggs.


Gibanica – A Balkan dish made from filo, white cheese, and eggs.  See the Balkan maps below which include Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Greece,  Bulgaria and Romania.

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