Thursday, September 6, 2018

PRODUCT REVIEW: Lean Cuisine Marketplace Spinach Artichoke Ravioli

Very disappointed in this product.  

  • The Cheese Sauce:  said there was aged parmesan, romano and ricotta cheeses (on the side bar).  I doubt there was any "aged" parmesan nor romano as the sauce was bland like maybe it was only ricotta. BORING.
  • The yellow carrots - el blando
  • The green beans were too firm and not cooked enough and there were "too many" of them.  Like they were the filler.
  • The label said that there were garlic salt and onions supposedly included.  Cooked so much you couldn't tell they (the onions) were even in there. 
  • There was sugar and brown sugar added.  Why so much sugar?  Probably to cover up the 680 mg. of sodium taste.  
I like the idea but it could be better.  No sign of spinach unless it was in the ravioli. 

I ate it but wouldn't buy again!!

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Amy's Enchilada Roasted Poblano

I love Mexican food but this was so disgusting.  I forced myself to eat half and threw the other half away!!  So much for dinner!! No distinctive taste just a sloppy melange!!