Wednesday, November 27, 2013

FRENCH: Provencal Cuisine du Jour by Bobby Flay

Bobby whisks us away to the South of France as he cooks up a delicious brunch menu inspired by one of his favorite places. All good French food is accompanied by a Baguette and Bobby toasts his with Goat Cheese topped with Poached Eggs and a Black Pepper Vinaigrette. For a little something sweet he whips up a Pain Perdu with Fresh Peaches & Vanilla Butter, and to finish... a White Wine and Lillet Cocktail. Dee-lish!

AMERICAN: Brussels Sprouts for Thanksgiving or anytime from

Generic Photos (below)of Brussels Sprouts or Brussels Sprout(this former English teacher says the correct spelling is really Brussels' Sprouts but the apostrophe got dropped).

Brussels Sprouts have their origin in Ancient Rome and then they spread throughout the cooler countries of Europe and are mostly known to be from Belgium in eastern Europe. The largest producers are the Netherlands not Belgium.

Brussels Sprouts came to the United States by French settlers in the 18th century.  Most of the production is in California.

I just served them myself yesterday (found some great ones at The Fresh Market in Greensboro, NC).  I sliced them long ways and chopped Vadalia onion greens, mixed them on a cookie sheet, drizzled with Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil and baked.  Don't remember the time. Probably 25 minutes. Served with Parmesan-Romano and freshly ground pepper mix.  They were accompaniments to Chicken A La Venezia and Rosemary Sea Salt Bread.







Brassaï, for the Love of Paris - France Today

Brassaï, for the Love of Paris - France Today

Monday, November 25, 2013

FRENCH: A French Countryside Picnic by Chef Bobby Flay - Provencal Tomato Tarte and more!!


Bobby Flay's in the mood for a brunch-style picnic in the style of the French Countryside. First up, a Tomato Tart drizzled with an fresh herbaceous oil, Orange French Yogurt Cake with a Marmalade Glaze, Home Fries cooked in-get this-duck fat, Hard Boiled Eggs with Olive Tapenade. And to drink, he's packing a refreshing, homemade pitcher of Citronnade a la Menthe, a light mint lemonade. NOTE: His comment on the show was to serve with a Sancerre wine. 
Play some French music or watch a French movie and eat on the floor with a tablecloth spread out or ......