Tuesday, June 2, 2020

INTERNATIONAL: Links to Bread of the Week 1 - 35

Links to Bread of the Week

Bread 20 Amish Kuchen

Bread 21 Pan de Jamon or Venzuelan Ham and Olive Bread

Bread 22 Easy Bread Recipes

Bread 23 Oatmeal Banana Bread

Bread 24 Wine and Cheese Pull Apart Bread

Bread 25 Barbecue Bread

Bread 26 Spreads and Glazes for Breads

Bread 27 Challah

Bread 28 French Bread at Its Best

INTERNATIONAL: Bread of the Week 21 - Venezuelan Ham and Olive Bread or Pan de Jamon

Usually served at Christmas but will make an attractive lunch or brunch item any time of the year.  This slightly sweet bread is stuffed with ham, olives, raisins, etc.  See different versions below: