Friday, June 28, 2013

Italian Series 2 - Emilia Romagna - Home of Lasagna - 25 LASAGNA RECIPES from Huffington Post

Generic Lasagna and Emilia Romagna photos below!!










Italian Series I: Piazza del Popolo in Rome from VIDEO, restaurant recommendations & more

Five Links at this link about Piazza del Popolo Rome, below the Pincio Gardens, starting point of the Via Flaminia, (1811 & 1822) by architect Giuseppe Valadier, reminiscent of Bernini's plan for St. Peter's Square is a walking tour point of interest in Rome. Visit Piazza del Popolo points of interest the twin Churches, Santa Maria and the obelisk in the middle of Piazza del Popolo

VIDEO LINK:  Webvision on Rome

Food (Four links below sets of food photos)

(photos from Eating Italy Food Tours)