Tuesday, June 11, 2013

About yellow beans

Yellow Beans from our garden. 

  • Yellow Beans are less bitey than Blue Lake Green beans. 
  • We grow them every year.  Up North they are called wax beans but they aren't waxy.
  • The freeze better.  When you freeze green beans that little bitiness or bitterness becomes stronger but yellow beans don't become stronger.
  • Good plain with butter, salt & pepper. And with parmesan, romano or other Italian white cheese.  
  • One of my favorite and simple recipes:  
    • Cut into 1-2 inch slices and cook like you would green beans but a little firmer.  Soggy is not good.  They will get soggier in fridge. 
    • Run cold water over them in the pan to chill them down.  
    • Cool them to room temperature.  
    • Chop some onion, red onion or green onion and add with Italian dressing***  I use Wesson Best Blend
    • & fresh ground pepper and marinate in refrigerator.  
    • Will keep a few days. 
    • Great light lunch ingredient.  
    • Travels well for picnics. 
    • (Want more color?  Add canned drained sliced pimientos.) 
    • (Adventurous?  Add crumbled feta cheese.)  
    • (Spicier?  Add some dried red pepper flakes.)
  • *** I use the old fashioned now popular again Good Season's Package Dressing Kit (remember those cruets?)  I have found that (even Good Season's) Italian (zesty and other Italian) bottled dressings taste too sweet for my tastes so I use the following:


Note:  New packaged Thick and Creamy packaged Italian dressing (It takes mayo but you could use Hellmann's Light which is my fave) to cut the calories down. 


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