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Western PA Ethnic Cooking - Bulgarian - Part 8

Link page for parts 1-7 German, Scotch-Irish, Russian, Hungarian, African-American, Ukranian and Macedonian.







PART 8 - Bulgarian

·         The Bulgarians emigrated to Western Pennsylvania from 1905 through World War II. 
·         Usually they were young male mill workers who stayed in boarding houses
·         Came to make enough money for relatives at home
·         1912-1923 – the most came because of the height of the Balkan War
·         Areas where they came from:
o   Sofia (west Bulgaria)
o   & central area of Bulgaria (known for its roses)
·         Macedonian and Bulgarians linked and settled in same areas
·         Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic
·         Bulgarian-Macedonian Beneficial Association began in 1935
·         Emphasis on learning and preserving tradision
·         Opened multiple bakeries:  One of them being West Homestead Baking Company
·         Known for Rye among other breads

·         Homemade yoghurt
·         Yoghurt cookies (korabeeki)
·         Cold cucumber Soup (tarator)
·         White Bean Soup (fasul or bop)
·         Strudels
o   Apple
o   Banitza dough (flaky strudel) with fillings
§  Cottage cheese
§  Spinach
§  Leek & cheese


Modern links for homemade Belgian yoghurt with a homemade yoghurt note pdf - more than you will ever want to know about yoghurt


Links for yoghurt cookies


Links for cold cucumber soup


Links for white bean soup (bob chorba)

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