Tuesday, January 28, 2020

INTERNATIONAL: Bread of the Week 3 - Swedish Limpa Bread - Recipes

What is Swedish Limpa Bread?  

 (1) Limpa bread is a traditional Swedish rye bread which is flavored with molasses, anise , and orange peel. When well made, Limpa bread is moist and extremely flavorful with a rich, almost intoxicating odor.

(2) Swedish Limpa bread is a rye bread with a delicate, sweet flavor and just a hint of orange. It is similar to Hawaiian bread – not too sweet but just right. 

(3) Limpa bread is a traditional Swedish rye bread which is flavored with molasses, anise and orange peel. When well made, Limpa bread is moist and extremely flavorful with a rich, almost intoxicating odor. This bread is extremely popular in Sweden and in areas with a large Swedish population; if you happen to be fortunate enough to be living near Swedes, you can probably find a bakery which makes Limpa bread. This bread can also be made at home.

There are a wide range of uses for Limpa bread. The slightly sweet flavor pairs well with butter as a breakfast food or snack, especially when the bread is still warm. Vört Limpa, as it is known in Sweden, is also a popular offering during the holiday season, although it can be enjoyed at any time of the year. The bread also pairs well with naturally sweet spreads like cream cheese, jams, and preserves; if you make Limpa bread at home, you might want to try pairing it with your own sweet preserves for a simple and delicious treat.

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