Friday, July 11, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Litehouse Avocado Dip - Don't waste your money!!

I know the label doesn't say guacamole but I am sure this is what they tried to emulate. 

This dip is disgusting!! (See photos below) Don't waste your money. If you have ever had:
  • Restaurant Guacamole
  • Real Guacamole
  • Product named "Wholly Guacamole"
  • Package mix from grocery store and made your own dip with real avocados
then this doesn't compare at all!!

Not only is it oily and greasy but it is full of sodium & tastes like it!!  
(See product information below)
240 mg of sodium per 2 TBSN.  Who eats 2 TBSN when having tacos or whatever you like it on. 1/2 cup would have 960 grams of sodium (daily sodium recommended amount is 1500)!!

Also what is Carrageenan gum?
It is dangerous (and in almond milk).
Read more with this link:

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