Thursday, February 9, 2017

Product Review - Betty Crocker Molasses Cookie Mix and Ideas

If you try to make those 36 cookies you had better change the cooking directions to under 8 minutes or so.

  • Recipe says you need 1 stick or 1/2 cup butter. No problem. 
  • Recipe says you need 1 TBSN water.  I had to use 2 TBSNS. (Next time I make I am going to use brewed coffee 2 TBSNS to see what happens. I will also add 1/2 tsp. coffee flavoring)
  • Recipe says you need 1 egg. I use LARGE egg that had large yolk.
  • I read instructions wrong and used a TBSN so the cookies were much bigger and I only got 14 (I ate a lot of the dough) so there would have been 16. (no 24 cookies - mine weren't rounded but big.)
  • It said in instructions to put cookies on ungreased cookie sheet. I used parchment paper and since I thought the cookies too big and thick I sprayed with cooking spray!! I baked the cookies 11 minutes. SEE BELOW WHAT I GOT!! Cooking is fun!! Since I didn't make them to give away or for company I will cut them apart!!

I will make them again and not spray the pan!!  I will also use two pans!! Just use parchment paper or foil and NO PAN CLEANING.  I don't mind showing my mistakes because if you have EVER COOKED or BAKED anything you have made 1 or more mistakes along the line. 


They taste good!!  

  Other experiments I might try:

Instead of coffee these flavors go well with molasses:

Molasses pairings:


This is what your cookies should look like. Nothing in the recipe about putting sugar on the outside which shown on the package photo above. So next time I will sprinkle with granulated sugar. 

NOTE: Don't buy all those colored sugar sprinkles. Make your own CHEAP colored sugars from an easy recipe I got from Sandra Lee on the a few years ago.  Can store them in individual bags and use again. (If you don't have some of the colors use a color wheel or your ingenuity & mix up colors to make colors!!!!!!!!!!!

For your cookies: 

Halloween:  orange and black sugar
Thanksgiving: orange and brown
Christmas: red and green
Valentines Day: pink and/or red
St Patrick's Day: green
Mother's Day: pink and blue
Father's Day: multiple
Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day: red, white and blue
Could put on cakes, cupcakes, pies, etc!!!!!!!!!!!

For colored sanding sugar:

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 8 to 10 drops each food coloring in 2 different colors
My notes:  Put the sugar in a plastic bag, add drops of food coloring and zip bag shut and shake around till all sugar is coated. Then open bags and rest the bags.  I would leave bags or bag open a little bit  to make sure the liquid is dry.  

This is what your cookies should look like. There is a SCRATCH cookie recipe at the site on the photo. 

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