Tuesday, April 16, 2013

LEST WE FORGET - REPOST Titanic Tribute 2 - Traveling in Style

First class Breakfast:
Fresh fruit, cooked or dried fruit, cereals (Oat, hominy or other), Haddock or salmon, ham, sausage, stew, eggts, meats, potatoes cold meats, rolls, scones, cornbread, buckwheat cakes, marmalade and more.
First class: Tables with white daisies and pink roses. Full formal dress worn by the diner. Music from Puccini and Tchaikowsky.  Diners entered the dining area through 3 elevators or down the "grand" staircase.  The weather was perfect. Guests last names were:  Astor, Guggenheim, JP Morgan, Tyerson, Straus & more!!
Dinner:  Drinks in reception room
Menu:  Hors d'oeuvre (appetizers), Potage (Soup), Poisson (soup), Entrees, Removes (tough to find a definition for this one - my definition would be a larger portions than the entrees), Punch or Sorbet, Roti (Roast), Salade, Cold dish, Sweets, Dessert and After Dinner coffe, cigars, port or cordials.
Wow, in modern times we would need Perrier, San Pellegrino or alka-seltzer.

Watch this delightful video on You Tube:

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