Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Western PA Ethnic Cooking - Part 3 - Russian - recipes, photos and video

The Russian emigration to western PA. consisted of Russians from Central Russia (formerly Southern Russia) and those living between Poland and Russia.

  • Between 1872 and 1892:  81,511 Russians emigrated to Western PA
  • Between 1900 and 1913:  51,472 Russians emigrated to Western PA (second only to N.Y)
  • They were of the peasant class
  • Mainly settled in Pittsburgh and New Castle
Some of the recipes were:


  •  Borscht (many spellings of Borscht)


  • Paska (Peasant Easter Bread)

  • Beef Stroganoff

  • Piroshki (perogies and several other spellings)

  • Blini

  • Cheese blintzes
Modern day recipe links below:

Couldn't resist this next link from Saveur because it was so pretty!!

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