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From Food and Wine - La Dolce Vita via Buitoni





There is a two page ad in Food and Wine September 2012 from Buitoni with lots of great ideas:  recipes, sauces, starters, wines, and Dine Like and Italian.

ONE: Product: All Natural Spicy Beef & Sausage Ravioli

served with Puttanesca Sauce (their product or if you can't find at your store use) 
LINK from Ellie Krieger on Food Network

Comment:  Upon researching this article I have found it very difficult to find recipes from the magazine on this site.  When you look under "Italian" the recipes are not in alphabetical order nor can you find the ingredients or recipes through the search tab. 

TWO:  Product:  All Natural Wild Mushroom Agnolotti
Served with Wild Mushroom Ragout (their product or if you can't find at your store use this) 
Recipe for Sauce from Grace Parisi at Food and Wine which is the recipe used in the ad

THREE and FOUR:  Products:  
All Natural Quattro Formaggi Agnolotti AND
All Natural Chicken and Four Cheese Ravioli

Other sauce:

Found a Walnut Pesto (most pestos have basil in them) at


Starter suggestions:
Prosciutto and Marinated Artichoke Involtini (definition:  What are Involtini? Involtini are little rollups that are featured in Italian cooking)
Broiled Mussels with Hot Paprika Crumbs
Chickpea Salad with Salami and Giardinera Dressing (can buy bottled or see this link)

NOTE:  I don't have recipes for the Starter suggestions but with any imagination you can put together!! 



Wines to serve:
Prosecco, Verdiccio and Chianti




Dine like an Italian (From Buitoni and Food and Wine)
Learn to Linger
Keep it Casual
Make it a Movie Night (an Italian movie, of course)
Instant Desert (Pour a shot of expresso over vanilla gelato for a affogato)
Take a Stroll in the Neighborhood.

mangiare felice

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