Thursday, October 31, 2013

American: What is a Kershaw?

This is a kershaw or a cushaw!

There are different opinions on what this is:

  • Mountain Man in Cana, Va says it is a cross between a pumpkin and a squash.
  • Another opinion is that it is a cross between a zucchini and a pumpkin. 
  • Another opinion is that it is a Tennessee sweet potato squash. 

  • Also claimed by Louisiana and Tennessee

It is a winter heirloom squash. In the crookneck squash family. 

My personal photo above






Substitutes for Kershaw would be Butternut or Delicata.  Photos below. 





Butternut and Kershaw have really tough skins and are tough to crack open.  I peel mine with a "Farberware" peeler (Wimpy peelers don't work).  My sister-in-law Patricia who made the Kershaw pies baked the Kershaw in the oven until the skin came off.  

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