Tuesday, December 8, 2015

AMERICAN: From Travel and Leisure - Rust Belt Resurrection

I enjoyed the article in Travel & Leisure but apparently the person who wrote this piece hasn't been to Pittsburgh in years. It is no longer a "Rust Belt"  Was just there in August of this year. I apologize for the ignorance of the writer 
but enjoyed the piece.

Pittsburgh is now a hub for artists, foodies, and techies. 
The main area were the hot activity is occurring 
is in the East End.  

  • Twisted Frenchman ( who serves modern French cooking with a decadent spin such as lamb chops wrapped in lamb sausage. 

  • Atlas Bottle Works ( where there are 19 draft beers on tap which you can buy and take to the Row House Cinema next door.

  • Morcilla ( A snack place that serves Spanish Classics like house-made morcilla (blood sausage), montaditos (open faced sandwiches) and mouthwatering jamon.  

Jamon In English it refers to certain types of dry-cured ham from Spain. There are two primary types of jamón: jamon serrano (meaning ham from the sierraor mountains) and jamon iberico (ham from the Black Iberian pie). Jamón elaboration is similar to that of Portuguese presunto and to Italian prosciutto but is cured longer (for the maximum period of 18 months). 

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