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French Food 1975 Part B - Bordeaux - UPDATED with MULTIPLE VIDEOS and FLICKR PHOTOS

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The Bordeaux Rose


France's second largest city is a bright, sunny, friendly seaport on the Garonne River and is the shipping center for the fabled wines of the surrounding vineyards of the Medoc, St Emilion, Entre-Deux-Mers and Graves. The Romans, who planted the first grapevines in this region, valued this city as a port and the area is rich in relics of ancient and medieval times.

As one of France's leading gastronomic centers, Bordeaux is known for its crackling fresh crayfish, ecrevisses, the wild mushrooms, cepes, eggplants, its duck liver braised with grapes, the light, chewy Marchande de Vin, wine merchant's sauce. 

Common dishes to the area:

  •      Bordeaux stopper: established in 1965, plug-shaped candy in almond dough stuffed with candied grapes macerated half in fine Bordeaux, the whole being wrapped in a crepe lace.
  •       Broc: aperitif with a wine base, honey and plants. 
  •       Cacolac: milk drink cocoa
  •       Canele:  famous Bordeaux cake with milk, rum and vanilla, crisp outside and soft inside, dating from the 17th century.
  •      Chestnut: widespread fruit in eaten boiled in water flavored with star anise and fig leaves.

  • ·        White dunes: chouquettes (above) topped with a mixture of custard and whipped cream.
  • Quince: the quince jelly accompanies the consumption of boiled chestnuts.
  • Garluche: drink with rum, white wine, orange and caramel.
  • Macaroons: almond biscuit created in 1620 by the Ursulines 
  • Mic: Bread dough balls flavored with honey and aniseed
  • Noisettines:  caramelized hazelnuts
  • Prunes with Bordeaux: marinated in Sauternes , Armagnac and spices.
  • Bordelaise Sauce: red wine sauce with shallots and flour.
  • Turin: traditional soup, made ​​with garlic or tomato.
  • Wine: red, rosé, dry white or sweet; the most famous are those of the Medoc, Sauternes of Sainte Croix du Mont. They go into the preparation of conserves, sauces, cakes. 







Entrecote Marchand de Vin (BELOW) (Steak with wine merchant's sauce)
Link to recipe at (just like the one I have)


Champignons a la Bordelaise (Sauteed mushrooms)
Link to recipe from Foodiekitchen at 

Pommes Pailles (straw potatoes)
Literally, "straw potatoes, these are done exactly like American shoestring potatoes, very thinly slivered and fried in deep fat until crisp. Keep hot and salt just before serving. 

Charlotte of Coffee Mousse and Macaroons 

(If you don't have a charlotte mold like the big one in the above photo, use an angel food pan as a substitute)
No link to recipe. (I couldn't find a really good one out of the few that existed) See scanned copy of OLDER recipe below. 

Photos of individual servings of Coffee Mouse served in chocolate cups!!


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