Tuesday, February 23, 2016

INTERNATIONAL: FRANCE - MENTON - ANNUAL LEMON FESTIVAL - They really take CITRUS and Yachts SERIOUSLY - Feb 13 to Mar 2 2016 - Photos, Recipes, Links and Videos

Menton's annual Lemon Festival, celebrated each winter, features daytime and moonlight parades with citrus-covered floats; fireworks; stands offering citrus jam, honey, liqueurs, soap and perfume; and a display of giant citrus sculptures at the Biovès Gardens.
Foods include:
  • lemons, oranges, exotic flowering succulents, guavas and avocados. 
  • pichade, a tomato, onion and anchovy tart sprinkled with garlic and black olives; 
  • barbagiuan, ravioli or dumplings with many variations (including Monégasque and Niçois) but here usually stuffed with Swiss chard and Parmesan cheese; 
  • and poutine omelet, made with tiny transparent fish fingerlings.
  • For a lunchtime snack of socca—a thin, savory chick-pea pancake cooked in a wood-burning oven—and some of the best local products, head for Saveurs d'Eléonore, a small shop on the market square stocked with Menton lemon and tangerine jams, local lemonade and locally brewed beer with zests of orange and citrus. Behind the square, up a steep back street, is the Huilerie St Michel, an olive oil producer founded in 1896. The current owner, Karim Djekhar, has innovated the company's product line, and now offers a top selection of olive oils including a heavenly blend of their amber nectar infused with Menton lemon and ginger.

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