Thursday, August 4, 2016

INTERNATIONAL: OLYMPICS: BRAZIL: Food 7 - Photos, Videos and Recipes - Desserts or Pavés

The Brazilians have taken the pavé 
to a whole new level.   (See photos of Brazilian Pavés below)


Pavé:  (pronounced "paw vay" in French but couldn't find Portuguese pronounciation) 

A French term most often used in reference to a square or rectangular-shaped serving of food. The term "pavé" translates into a word that means "cobblestone" 

or a similar square and rectangular-shaped item. Thus, the term is often used to describe a sweet or bland cold mousse that includes meat, poultry or fish cut into the rectangular or square shapes for individual servings. The mousse is coated with a covering of aspic.  

Pavé may be used to describe small rectangular blocks of cheese, such as Pavé Blesois or Pavé de Chirac. 

And, this term can also refer to a rectangular-shaped, frosted and layered sponge cake dessert filled with sweet ingredients.


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