Friday, October 14, 2016

SPANISH AND FRENCH: Basque Country - Food Part 4 - Photos - Recipes - Basque VIDEOS - More Food

·        Bacalao (salt codal Pil-Pil or a la Vizcaína

·        Cuajada (Mamia)

·        Elvers (young eel)

Gateau Basque
·        Kokotxas (cheeks of hake)

·        Marmitako (tuna stew)

·       Errea eta haragi erreak (Grilled and roast meats)

·        Pintxos (Basque tapas) or appetizers

VIDEO LINK: The mystery of the Basque Language

VIDEO LINK to Hake Preparation and Popularity  (Fish gutting on this video!)

VIDEO LINK TO NYT - Chef Arzak on Basque Cuisine - This video is in Spanish!!


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