Wednesday, October 5, 2016

SPANISH AND FRENCH: Basque Country - Part 3 - Intro to French Basque Country- Biarritz Cuisine: PHOTOS, RECIPES, VIDEOS

The Basques

In 200 BC there was a country formed, Basque. They spoke a language called Euskera. Immigration records were to be kept but are inaccurate as to when the first Basques (1400) came to the US because they didn’t speak French, Spanish and were from an unknown country which got split in half by the newer borders of France and Spain. 

Later they began speaking French in SW France and Spanish in northern Spain. Their Euskera language and their country disappeared. Again, immigration records were kept by country where they came from so thus the records said that they came from France or Spain.

The Spanish Basque country is well known and leans towards the Spanish culture but the French Basque country is lesser known, however, it is coming into its own with an influx of French chefs and it leans more towards France.  In the map below you can see Spanish Basque (pink and green areas) and French Basque (yellow areas) provinces with olden names. 

French Flag and Basque Flag

Biarritz is a seaport town (in Aquitaine) in the middle of Basque country (in France). Not far at all from Spain. These areas share cuisines but some different and some similar dishes. 

Below photos are links for recipes from the 
French Basque Country

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