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INTERNATIONAL: BORDERLESS CUISINE 18 - Gascony, Basque and Occitan Cuisine

Old Map of Gascony 

Newer map of Gascony

Below are recent maps of France and the most recent modern day map with 12 regions

Newer Map

The Gascony 

According to Wiki, the cuisine of Gascony is one of the pillars of French cuisine. Its originality stems from its use of regional products and from an age-old tradition, typical of the Aquitane and the Midi-Pyrenees, of cooking in fat, in particular goose and duck fat, whereas the cuisine of the south of France favours frying in oil and the cuisine of Normandy contains more dishes that are simmered or cooked in butter. The long life expectancy of Gascons, despite a rich diet, is a classic example of the French paradox.
  • Regional products like duck fat and duck foie gras, salted ham, and the famous mild chilli (pepper) of Gascony. 
  • Common condiments are Bezolles mustard, garlic, onion and persillade (herb and garlic mixture). Use on steaks roasts and grilled foods.  

Persillade is the culinary term for a chopped mixture of garlic and parsley, usually in equal parts by volume. The root of the word is persil, the French word for parsley.  Simple to make, but a common ingredient in many dishes, it is often included in a sauté cook's staples. It can be added early in a dish for a mellow flavour, added at the very end of the cooking to provide a garlicky jolt, or even used raw as a garnish.

LINK to Persillade Recipe

The cèpe mushroom is frequently eaten. 
  • Larks and the common wood pigeon are commonly eaten game birds
  • Coastal seafood includes oysters, furrowshells, eel elvers, lampreys and shad.
  • Wines include roses and tannic reds (Bordeaux cabernets and merlot), Madiran tannat and cabernets and dessert wines for brioche, foie gras (Bordeaux sauternes and Armagnac is used in cooking.
  • Chestnuts with glass of vin borru and roste, grilled bread rubbed with garlic.

Basque Cuisine includes 5 areas of Spain 
and 4 areas of France.  

LINK to Saveur for Basque recipes


LINK to Wiki on Occitan Cuisine

The old Occitan area of France is now called 

 It is cass ooh lay

Figs were very also very important in Occitan aka Languedocian cuisine. 

LINK to Epicurious Figs Gallery for 43 recipes

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