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INTERNATIONAL: Borderless Cuisine 25: Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium UPDATED WITH VIDEOS

The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium due to their proximity have some similar foods.  It is also noted here that in the Netherlands they speak Dutch; in Luxembourg they speak Luxembourgish, French and German and in Belguim they speak Flemish (Dutch), French and German:  The names of the dishes provided here may be different depending upon which part of the country the dish is prepared and named. 

For Example:  Bouneschlupp which is a soup with green beans, potatoes, smoked bacon and onions which is also served with potato pancakes.  Note: Also eaten in France, Belgium and Germany.

The soup is served with the below recipe:

In the Netherlands they eat a meat pie called  vleespastei and in Luxembourg and Belgium they call them pate gaumais.

All three countries have their own special rye breads.

In Holland it is called Roggebrood.
In Luxembourg it is called Brout.
In Belgium it is called Brot (German), Pain de Seigle (French) or Roggebrood (Belgian Dutch) depending on what part of that country you are in. (Served with Snert or a traditional Dutch soup made with split peas, vegetables, and pork.

In the Netherlands sausage is called Fikandellen.
In Luxembourg sausage is called Traipen, Worst and Wurst.
In Belguim sausage is Trippe Sausage aka Worst, Saucisson and Wurst. 

Belgium Recipe   

In the Netherlands meatballs are Bitterballen aka Gehaktballen aka Gehaktbal.  
In Luxembourg they are Bouletten, Fleischklosschen, and Boulettes.  
In Belgium they are called Gehahtballen, Boulet a la Liegeoise and Boulettes.

In the Netherlands Beef Stew is called Hachee aka Draadjesvlees.
In Luxembourg Beef Stew is called Carbonade Flamande, Rinderragout and Beouf Bourgignon. 
In Belgium Beef Stew is called Carbonnade a la Flamande, Fleischklosschen and Boeuf Bourgignon aka Daube.

In the Netherlands waffles are known as Stroopwafel.
In Luxembourg they are known as die Waffle, Gaufre, and Eisekuchen.
In Belgium they are known as Waffles, Gaufres and die Waffle. 

In the Netherlands the Plum Tart is called Pruimenvolaai.
In Luxembourg the Plum Tart is called Quetschentaart, Zwetchgenkuchen and Tartes aux Prunes.
In Belgium the Plum Tart is called Tarte aux Prunes, Pruimenvlaai and Zwetchgenkuchen.


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