Thursday, June 14, 2012

Apulia Puglia, Italy meets the B&B cast for June 2012 wedding Part 2

The B&B soap is off and running at Puglia, Italy.  
(pronounced Pooh-lee-yah)
The wedding party is staying at Masseria San Domenico.  See photo above. 
Since this is a soap opera I thought maybe the hotel was fictional but it isn't!!

If you like ancient buildings and beautiful water views then Puglia is for you!!



Let's talk about popular food and drink in Puglia.
BREADS - Most popular - focaccia
Food & Wine magazine (one of my favs) has a nice article about dining in Puglia.  Here is the link:
From the article: 
 Get the boutique olive oils, wines and pickles, fruit gelati and dark, slushy coffee granita. 
We sampled fig, lemon and the astounding caffè-nocciola gelato, peppers and figs, smoked mozzarella with tiny clover bouquets, topped herb pasta with a luxurious saffron sauce and doused fried lampascioni (wild hyacinth bulbs) with orange-blossom honey.

Delallo talks about Puglia

This website and author has provided some "awesome" food photos!!

MORE to come!

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