Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Busy Decorating/Shopping? - Serve ethnic hot dogs PART "2" WITH PHOTOS

Too busy to cook!  Shopping, company, gifts, etc.

Link to Part 1:  Greek, Korean, Swedish, German and Mexican dogs:

Part 2
Serve 1 or 2 or 3 of these for a quick and festive dinner:

6.  Polynesian
Toppings are hoisin sauce, pineapple chunks (drained) and chopped scallions.  All these ingredients are easy to find at the store.


7.  Spanish
Toppings are pimiento cheese spread, thin slices of serrano ham (subsitute is prosciutto) and manchego cheese (substitute is mozzarella). 

 8.  Thai
Toppings are peanut sauce, shredded carrot and chopped fresh cilantro 

Link for peanut sauce from

and from (not using fish sauce which you might not have on hand)

Now I don't have garlic chili paste on hand so I would substitute sriracha (which is an oriental hot sauce and garlic paste or powder)

9.  American: (whatever you want) OR:
Toppings are barbecue sauce, pulled pork and coleslaw


10. Japanese
Toppings are wasabi mayonnaise (hot), Asian snack mix and pickled ginger



Wasabi is hot. Here is link for wasabi mayo from If you don't like hot you might want to cut the amount in half. Fair warning!!

Asian Snack Mix link from

Pickled Ginger Mix link from

Substitutes for pickled ginger link from

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