Sunday, December 2, 2012

Patisseries & Confiseries or French Desserts - SW France

SW France offers a delightful range of pastries, confectioneries & candies. Traditionally they were sold on market days in the main towns.

Arlequins de Carlux or Fresh walnut kernels in chocolate.

Cannele or little moist molded cake flavored with cinnamon.


 Chocolats de Bayonne or chocolates handmade in the town of Bayonne & there is a great chocolate drink called "chocolat chaud". Don't miss it!!
 Fruits a l'armagnac or fresh local fruits such as:
  • fraises (strawberries)
  • cerises noires (black cherries)
  • reines-claudes (greengages)
  • & dried pruneaux d'Agen (prunes)
which are macerated in Armagnac & sold in jars or bottles:  an exquisite (if powerful) instant dessert.

Gateau aux noix or walnut cake





Gateau basque or patiza or black-cherry filled buttery tarte

Macarons de St.-Emilion or almond macaroons served with a lightly honeyed wine St.-Croix-du-Mont or Loupiac wine.

Mesturet or thick candied pumpkin pulp flavored with lemon

Noix au cafe or walnuts wrapped in turron (marzipan) & then covered with coffee-flavored chocolate

Pastis gasconne or croustade or phyllo dough folded & layered with butter & vanilla sugar & then topped with apple slices soaked in Armagnac

Pruneaux fourres or prunes stuffed with a puree of prunes & almond paste

Tarte aux pruneaux or puff pastry tart made with local prunes

Turron or Touron or different marzipan sweets made with pastes of ground almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts & sometimes with the addition of candied fruits, sometimes covered with chocolate or with mocha









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