Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Busy Decorating/Shopping? - Serve ethnic hot dogs PART 1 WITH PHOTOS

Busy time right now. Quick meals for your family.  Serve one, two or three ethnic hot dogs as a quick meal!!
This is Part I.

1.  Greek:
Toppings are Tzatziki, chopped cucumber and kalamata olives (if you don't like kalamata use black olives)


Link for Tzatziki sauce from

2.  Korean:
Toppings are Asian mustard, kimchi (this stuff is hot!) and chopped red onions.


I found a recipe for a quick kimchi that is not so hot unless you like kimchi from so substitute

3.  Swedish:
Toppings are lingonberry jam (I would subsitute canned whole cranberries, drained of course, if you can't find the preserves), carmelized onions and gravy (a light gravy - 1 pkg. (each) mushroom gravy mix, Lipton dried onion soup would be a good try)


4.  German:
Toppings are German mustard, sauerkraut and broken pretzels. OR use link sausages OR Bratwurst


5.  Mexican:
Toppings are chipotle mayonnaise, cotija cheese and avocado


Cotija is a mild Mexican cheese. (If you can't use that use a MILD Parmesan.) I have found cotija at Walmart.  To make an easy chipotle (hot) mayonnaise here is a link from

If you don't have chipotle powder or can't find in spice section 
use a tablespoon of the liquid in the canned chipotle peppers. 

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