Thursday, July 25, 2013

Andrea Doria cruise ship sank 57 years ago today. Memoires

Bon Voyage Dinner

We returned to our cabins to change clothes and get ready for dinner time, the dining room had two seating times one at 6:30 and the second at 8:00 P.M. We had the second sitting. When we returned to the dining room it had already been opened for us and we sat down at out table. Mario and Vincenzo were there at their station waiting for us. Vincenzo started to fill up the water glasses, and set up the silverware next to the plates, went to the kitchen and came back with a large basket of rolls. With tongs he placed one roll into the little plates then he placed the rest of the rolls in the middle of the table, moving the flower vase to one side. Mario handed us the menus and said "I'll be back for your order in few minutes". My Father decided to order pasta for all of us, chicken with potatoes on the side, salads for everyone, and few different kind of vegetables. We had to dress semi- formal with a suit and tie. It was the Bon Voyage   dinner, and the dining room was beautifully decorated with checkered tablecloths, and white table napkins with Carnations on every table and champagne glasses like at the lunch seating. We had a great dinner, and were all stuffed. Vincenzo was removing the plates as we finished eating. Mario came with a huge platter of Neapolitan Pastries, they looked really good. Vincenzo placed clean plates in front of us, as we started one by one to pick our favorite delights. We got several bad looks from mom and dad, but Mario didn't leave to go to the next table until we all got plenty of pastries and with a smiling look, assured us kids that it was OK to pick as many as we wanted to. We all had at least three pieces each, while my father had picked just one. Then he was looking into my plate, Mario let him pick few more pieces  to take to our cabin for later. Vincenzo started to bring expresso coffee, and Cappuccinos. My sister loved Cappuccino full of milk, I liked expresso coffee, and I liked it bitter. Many times I didn't even put sugar in it, I just loved the taste of strong coffee. Gino had his mouth on a cream puff and he had cream all over his face, my mother wiped him off laughing. She also had few pieces of pastries to take back to her cabin, we really ate like an Ischian Sunday dinner and lot more.

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