Monday, July 1, 2013

Packaged make-your-own salad dressings popular again!!! PRODUCT REVIEW

Packaged mixes were very popular in the 1970's and they are back!!  They are fresh.  The bottle doesn't sit in the refrigerator until done. 

The reason I bought the Italian packaged seasoning mix is because I am tired of the bottled Italian Dressings: zesty and otherwise.  Our family and relatives ran some taste tests and found that the bottled dressings are sweeter than they used to be.  Just by taste.  I don't have any OLD bottles of dressing but the more and more additives they put into the dressings, the more they ruin the taste.

So I decided to try: 

  • Good Seasons and
  • Wish-Bone
The first one I bought was Good Seasons Zesty Italian and the Good Seasons Italian.  Made it and loved it!! Branched out and bought the Wish-Bone.  There is clearly a difference in taste and ...

  • The Wish-Bone is clearly sweeter by taste (who wants a sweet Italian dressing for a green salad?).
  • The Wish-Bone has 3 g of sugar.
  • The Wish-Bone is lower in calories.
  • The Wish-Bone is higher in SODIUM but tasted sweeter.  I put salt in it but it didn't do much. I will stick with the winner below!!!
  • The Good Seasons has a real Italian dressing taste (not sweet).
  • The Good Seasons has less than 1 g of sugar
  • The Good Seasons is higher in calories.
  • The Good Seasons is lower in sodium.

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