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ITALY: PUGLIA - Panzerotti - Recipe and photo how-tos from Foodography


As a child, Aunt Lucy once a week was awakened at dawn by the mother to prepare the bread, 10 kg of flour by kneading for hours. As the sun rose and hands were in the dough, little Lucia and her sister Marianna waited with trepidation about 9 am, the time when the bread from mixing the mother would have made ​​of simple and delicious pancakes. 
Now imagine these fritters mozzarella and tomato ... what are we talking about? 
Obviously one of the most delicious food ever, and if you've never been in Puglia, I'm sorry for you but you do not know the real flavor of turnovers , a mixture of tradition and conviviality. 
To us, and not acquired grandchildren of Aunt Lucy, the panzerottata is a ritual in which no one can escape. It is a real test of endurance: there are those who after the third panzerotto sits on the bench, who does not dare to say how many he ate and then there are the more daring, you can move beyond the dreaded number ten.
The preparation of panzerotti is very simple: the base of panzerotto is very similar to that of the bread and pizza. The classic filling is made ​​from mozzarella and tomatoes, but there are many variations to the ricotta forte, also known in the dialect of Bari cottage cheese "squanta" (ie spicy).
What are you waiting for? Take a pound of flour at home and invite friends!INGREDIENTS For the dough 1 kg flour 1 tablespoon salt 1 teaspoon sugar 1 baking powder 6 tablespoons oil Water as required Oil for frying

For the filling
½ kg of mozzarella 
300 cc of tomato sauce 
On a work surface arrange the flour as if it were a small mound.
Create a small hole in the center and pour in the crumbled yeast, oil, salt and sugar. Add the warm water in the center by dissolving the yeast and knead vigorously, continue to add water until it reaches a good consistency of dough.Divide the dough into small cakes in the shape of balls and cover with a dish towel and a cover, so that they remain well hot. Let rise for about an hour. Meanwhile you can enjoy the filling: in a colander reduce the mozzarella into small pieces in order to drain the water, add the oregano and the tomato sauce into the strainer and let drain. Mix the filling well. At this point the dough is leavened take the balls roll it out and fill them to the center. For the sweet tooth, I suggest you add the chopped pepperoni or, alternatively, put the ricotta instead of mozzarella and tomato. re-close the turnovers , taking care to press the edges together with your fingers.bring the oil in a frying pan for frying to smoking point and arrange the turnovers , turning constantly until brown them, remove them from the heat and place them on kitchen paper to absorb excess oil. seems to me superfluous to tell you that should be eaten hot, but I assure you it will be Also delicious cold.

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