Monday, July 9, 2012

Magazine Revue - France Today July August 2012

Great stuff! (not on line yet but go to website for other cool stuff from previous issues) and there is a free newsletter if you don't want to subscribe to the paper or the digital edition.



  • Wine & Spirits  Lillet: Licensed to Chill
  • The French came up with the pre-dinner cocktail or the l'heure de l'apero (aperitif hour) long before the first modern cocktail was invented.
  • It all started with absinthe nicknamed le fee verte or the green fairy for its color and more!
  • Next came tonic wine
  • Then Aperitifs as the modern day version
  • Paul and Raymond Lillet (matured and macerated in oak casks) blended sauvignon blanc, semillon and muscadelle white wines, citrus liqueurs and the quinine.  Original name was Kina Lillet.
  • And the story goes on. 
  • It has grown up now to an even new pink verson (with rouge) called Lillet Rose.
  • More to the story. It is now a popular aperitif not only in France but worldwide. 



  • French Kitchen  Herbs in a Midsummer Garden
  • The author lives in Normandy which has a maritime climate. 
  • She grows and talks about sage, rue, rosemary, lemon and English and orange balsam thymes, borage, lovage, sweet cicely, garlic chives, bay and she includes a recipe for Basil Sorbet!!
Happy reading or lecture heureuse

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