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French Food 1975 Part E - Brittany or Bretagne with Photos

If you missed the first four parts of my French Series then please use links below:

The Lyonnais

Breton views



Breton food


About Brittany 

In Brittany, seaweed is used as farm fertilizer, and that name sums up its terrain. For this Cape-Cod like peninsulas in the Atlantic Ocean is a place of rock-cliffed dune beaches with seaside resorts, fishing villages, and shipyards. You will find relics of Roman temples, medieval abbeys, fountains once sacred to pilgrims and Celtic monoliths.  If you want to see folk costumers with starched lace headdresses go to Quimper and Dinan. 

Fish and shell fish go into a local fish stew called cotride which is made with onions, potatoes, thyme, bay leaves.
Rich Beurre Blanc is made with creamy rich butter. 
Artichokes, peas, cauliflower, duck and lamb and more:

Menu in 1975 might be 
  • Lobster a l'Americaine
  • Nantaise Duckling with Peas and Onions
  • Endive and Watercress Salad
  • Brittany Crepes with Honey

3 links for modern Lobster a l"Americane
Original was made with live lobsters oo, butter, carrot onion, shallots, garlic, cognac, dry white wine, canned drained chopped tomatoes, cayenne, meat extract, butter lemon juice and parsley

No links for modern Nantaise Duckling with Peas and Onions
Only recipes for duckling were Duckling A'Orange
Frankly the recipe didn't really excite me so maybe you could cook Duck another way. 
Here is a link for recipes for peas and onions

Then roast your duck using these ideas:


Endive and Watercress Salad

Cut 3 endives in 1 inch slices and toss with 1 bunch washed and dried watercress from which tough stems have been broken.  Toss with 1/2 c. vinaigrette dressing and serve immediately. 4-6 servings. 

Brittany Crepes with Honey



Photos compliments of

Serve crepes with butter, honey and chopped, blanched and toasted hazelnuts (optional)


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