Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gelato - Italian American month

Italians produce gelato, sorbetto and granita. 
Wiki's definition and history of gelato



Comments by this author compliments of LaCucinaItaliana magazine.

Gelato is different than average American ice cream and according to the author there are three different regional schools of Gelato:

Sicilian: fruity, nutty, granular, finely broken ice crystals (western Sicily), slushy (eastern Sicily), dairy based, no egg yolks, great flavors (almond, hazelnut and pistachio). First gelato panini is made by splitting open round, egg, lightly sweetened brioche rolls and slather with gelato!!!

Sicilian Gelato article and recipe 

Veneto: (NE Italy) milk, cream, fruit, (gelato often served in balls)

Venice Gelato restaurants 

Tuscan:  milk bases without cream, custard bases and water-based fruit flavors

Florence (Tuscan) gelato festival 2012 (video)

29 recipes for Gelato below at LaCucinaItaliana magazine

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