Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Fat is Back - Part 7 - Diet Dinner Last Night & Personal Diet Advice

I have committed to 16 lb. weight loss by March 29. 
Week 1 ended January 14. Down 3.5 lb. I have a few health issues besides being 70 years old so can't exercise much but I am counting calories and don't you let anyone tell you it won't work. It works.  I have done it before and if I would keep the habits I have when I am dieting, I wouldn't have to re-diet. 

I try to keep the food at 1200 calories and do not count an occasional glass or wine or drink.  I don't like sodas and drink at least 4 glasses of water a day.  8 flushes too much potassium out of your system. 

I tracked my eating every day for a week on a regular daily eating including eating some "cool" stuff I had in refrigerator that I knew I had to get rid of and gained a pound so added to my original goal which was 15 to equal 16 lb. I was eating 2600 to 2800 calories a day!!!  I wanted to get used to the tracking on MYFITNESSPAL!! so I wouldn't get frustrated with my tracking system. Reviewed at least 5 trackers and found this one easy to use!!


I used to do Weight Watchers tracking so I know the routine.  I have decided it to do on my own.  When you watch your calories, you are also watching fat because they are linked. I  have been on Atkins, Nutrisystem, Green coffee bean extract (3 different products including Dr. Oz) and it is a RIPOFF & carb diet, ETC, ETC, ETC. I am 70 & have tried it all. I am a Taurus and they live to eat so staying at a normal weight is tough.

I have identified 21 tops in my closet that are too tight around the stomach area and a few even have price tags on them.  Guess how much that is going to save me on buying clothes. Pants tight at waist but that will take care of it!!!!!!!!

Two things work: Calorie counting and DISCIPLINE!!!

I use MYFITNESSPAL (free app) on my Android phone. It is up-to-date with products and it is a cinch to use. (There are ads on it but just ignore.)
I do not have a recommendation for iphone because I don't like Apple products but don't let that stop you from reading this article.  



Dinner last night:

Boneless 4 oz pork chop. Cooked in a pan because it was raining so I couldn't grill & I do not like cleaning the stove so didn't broil.

I browned the pork chop seasoned with red pepper and chervil in 1 TBSN grapeseed oil. Drained PC on paper towel.

Acorn Squash


Acorn squash are hard to open up. Get a good knife and a cutting board. Put the knife horizontally in one of those crevices you see above and slam onto board to break in half OR if you aren't good with knives get someone else to do it!!!

Take the two pieces and remove the seeds with your fingers or a spoon and discard.  I used lemon-pepper seasoning and a vegetable seasoning. Turn acorn squash with open face down on a dinner plate. Use a fork or knife end to poke a few holes in the green skin OR it could blow up.  Trust me!!  Happened several years ago! Put in microwave for approximately 7 minutes.  I used the size in photo.  It makes about 1-1/4 cups of flesh. Serve halves on plate. Use 1 TBSN Land of Lakes Light Butter with Canola Oil Spread in each half. Spread around so it melts. Use fresh ground pepper. It is easier to eat the flesh out with a spoon but if you listen to Emily Post (I am showing my age and don't care) it should be eaten with a fork. 

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