Monday, November 23, 2015

AMERICAN: Cocktails with Liquore Galliano from 1960-1980 Part 1

Liquore Galliano began making a comeback 
2 years ago!!

What is Liquore Galliano?  The original. The classic. Golden Yellow in colour with a light green hue. A perfectly balanced blend of Mediterranean exotic herbs and plants, all sourced and blended in their natural form. The resulting taste is rounded with a powerful aromatic top note that softens to a mellow deep taste.

Galliano = Liquore Galliano  Pronunciation:   gal-YAH-noh   Notes:  This excellent Italian liqueur is flavored with anise and comes in a bottle that's one inch taller than your liquor cabinet.  It's used to make Harvey Wallbangers and other cocktails. Substitutes: Neopolitan liqueur (a cheaper American substitute for Galliano) OR sambuca


A Lulu

1/3 oz Liquore Galliano
1 oz White Puerto Rican Rum
1/2 oz Creme de Noyaux*
1/2 oz Passion fruit mixer
1 oz Fresh Orange Juice
Shake and serve over ice in old fashioned glass. 

    * Creme de noyaux in English
Creme de Noyaux is an almond-flavored crème liqueur made from apricot kernels, which also flavor the better-known, brandy-based amaretto. It may also be made from the almond-shaped kernels contained within peach pits. Both Bols and Hiram Walker produce artificially colored red versions of the liqueur (either of which contribute the pink hue to Pink Squirrel cocktails) while Noyau de Poissy from France is available in both clear (blanc) and barrel-aged amber (ambre) versions. Through meticulous research over a period of several years, Tempus Fugit Spirits recreated in 2013 a 19th-century-style Crème de Noyaux, distilling both apricot and cherry pit kernels, amongst other botanicals and colored the liqueur with red cochineal, as was done in the past. The name comes from the Frenchnoyau: "kernel, pit, or core". It is an ingredient in the Fairbank cocktail, the Pink Squirrel cocktail and in a cocktail called Old Etonian.





1 part Liquore Galliano
1 part Tia Maria
1 part Cognac

Shake with cracked ice, serve very cold in cocktail glass.  Optional garnish:  about 3-4 roasted coffee beans. 




Galliano Gimlet

1 1/2 oz Liquore Galliano
1 oz dry Vermouth
Juice of 1/2 Lime
Dash of Bitters
Stir with ice, strain, top with soda water and serve in 7 oz highball glass.


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