Monday, November 23, 2015

Ramp up Your Condiments for Upcoming Holidays - Part 3 of 4 - REPOST

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Part 3

Maple BBQ Ketchup.   Stir in 2 TBSN maple syrup & a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce into 1 cup regular ketchup. Serve with chicken fingers or French fries.


Raspberry Mustard.   Puree 1 cup Dijon or yellow mustard with ½ cup raspberries & a TSP of honey until smooth.  Spread on ham or turkey sandwiches. (For a kick I would add 1 TSP freshly grated black pepper or multi-colored peppercorns.)


Tartar Mayonnaise.  Stir in 2 TBSNS sweet pickle relish. 1 TBSN chopped capers and a squeeze of lemon into a cup of mayo.  (I use Hellman’s Lite.) Serve with fried fish or crab cakes.


Sweet & Smokey Salsa.  Stir in 1 TSP. chili powder, ½ tsp. smoked paprika and 2 TBSN brown sugar into 1 cup of your favorite store-bought salsa.


Tzatziki Sour Cream. (This is similar to the type of sauce that they put on Gyros.)  Stir in 1 TBSN chopped dill, 1 minced garlic glove,  ½ cup chopped cucumbers & a squeeze of lemon (I would drain the cucumbers a little so sauce isn’t too runny) into a cup of sour cream, low fat sour cream or yoghurt or Greek yoghurt.  Serve with grilled lamb or fish and it goes great with pita bread too.  (I would add freshly ground peppercorns for a zippy taste.)


Chili Vinaigrette.  Whisk in 1 TSP each garlic and chopped red chili, (You can use the tube condiments, too) & 2 TBSNS chopped cilantro into 1 cup of vinaigrette.  Drizzle over grilled corn. Good for a quick lettuce tomato onion salad too. 


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