Wednesday, May 4, 2016

ITALY: Ligurian Garlic or Aglio di Vessalico and other garlics

Coldiretti Viterbo is pleased to report that garlic of Proceno, town in the province of Viterbo, is the most welcome in Italy. It showed the result of the first National Garlic Contest , which took place late last month, which was the most popular, followed by that of Voghiera and Sulmona. The first Garlic National Contest dedicated garlic was held inside the event Haglioween - All garlic flavors, held Friday, October 31, 2014 at the Laboratory of Food and Wine Albissola Mare (province of Savona) organized by Nat Russo (House Bergese) and Jacopo Fanciulli (Sottotorchio). the red garlic proceno Nine garlic specialties present (in alphabetical order): garlic Caraglio (CN), garlic of Castelliri (FR), Monticelli garlic (PC), garlic Nubia (TP), garlic Polesano (RO), Proceno garlic ( VT), Garlic of Sulmona (AQ), Garlic of Vessalico (IM), Aglio di Voghiera (FE).The comparative tasting was performed by sniffing, anonymous samples discarding the highest and lowest valuations, twenty testers (professional and amateur cooking, food and wine experts) who expressed a vote in the 1-9 range, using the card of 'Ibimet Institute of Biometeorology Bologna designed by Dr. Stephen Predieri and tested and perfected by Dr. Stefano Pini of Caar (applied agro-meteorology Center) Sarzana. were tested eight analytical objective properties (intensity, fragrance, pungency, persistence, grassy, balsamic) and a summary subjective (liking). In particular as regards the rating, it should be noted the high level of all samples tested that passed the full sufficiency threshold (5/9 score). This is the ranking of satisfaction: 


1 - Garlic Proceno (VT) 

2 - Garlic of Voghiera (FE) 

3 - Garlic of Sulmona (AQ) 

4 - Garlic Caraglio (CN) 

5 - Garlic of Vessalico (IM) 

6 - Garlic of Nubia 

 7 - Monticelli Garlic (PC)

8 - Garlic Castelliri (FR)

9 - Garlic Polesano (RO) 
one of the objectives of the organizers is to contribute to the diffusion of the product through an awareness campaign and to constitute with the fundamental contribution of production consortia and protection of the product Organization national Tasters Garlic, based on what already happens for wine, oil, cheese, salami. 
There are several garlics - saved a few photos

Other Garlics

9 - French Pink

10 - German Black

link to even more garlics below


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