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Love gazpacho?  (Spanish Andalusian soup) I do.
See this link on food network for 3 recipes: Ina Garten, Rach and other.
Ina suggests a Chardonnay with hers!!

Other recipes for gazpacho
(good for warm days)


Wine Pairings (It is very difficult to pair wine with gazpacho).  They tried a Vouvray (Vouvray can be "sec" (dry) or bubbling and is made from the Chenin grape from the Loire Valley near Tours in France.

Read this review from

Wiki on Vouvray

I am excited!!! I found a recipe for Gazpacho using Fire Roasted Tomatoes which I love!!
He pairs with
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Spanish Rose, Vouvray


The above blogger also suggests adding fresh crabmeat for special touch right before serving!!
Here is the link to the menu he referred to at Fisher Island Club in Miami menu
Chilled Gazpacho Basil Sorbet
With Lump Crab Meat $14.00

(I am sure it will taste just as good in the regular gazpacho as it would be in the sorbet)
Just in case here is a recipe for Gazpacho Sorbet below:
Gazpacho basil sorbet


Traditional garnishes are:  garlic croutons (make your own), shredded jamon Serrano, minced purple onions and chopped bell pepper.

Also you could serve 
ciabatta and olive oil for dipping, and some herbed goat cheese for spreading on the bread or slices of bread rubbed in olive oil. 

Something more substantial: a grilled chicken breast  or quesadillas or a tortellini salad might be good, or orzo, or a green salad with white beans, lemon juice, and herbs. Even though gazpacho is all veggies and so salad probably isn't essential, I'd consider having one anyway just for variation in taste and texture on the plate. 

For dessert maybe melon or a light pudding or sorbet. 

See Ina Garten link below on Foodnetwork for a Greek Gazpacho:

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