Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 10 National Liver and Onions Day

Thanks to my daily post from I found out it is National Liver and Onion Day. For more information click on link below.  If you haven't checked this website out before. It is worth the time!!

More about liver and onions:

Interesting they have a recipe with sweet potatoes as a side not white potatos?  Guess it might be a Southern influence although I live in NC and I've never seen it served that way.  See site:

Photo from site below

This recipe is the way I learned to eat liver and onions when I lived in PA as a teenager and the way I fixed for husband when we were living in Germany.  This site has photos illustrating the steps when making this fine recipe.

3 recipes from one of my favorite sites
Liver and Onions, Smothered Beef Liver and Company Liver with Onions.
Photo from site and See Link below:

This site uses a recipe with green onions (nice color - see photo below) instead of traditional white and they have some related tips. Photo below from

Liver and Onions - Venetian style with wine pairing of Brunello (Tuscan wine)
from  I have subscribed to this magazine for years and am never disappointed when every issue comes.
Food and Wine link:

Other wines that could pair with traditional liver and onions:
A great site ( where you can type in the dish you are preparing and it gives you wines that could go with that dish.  See the link and type in liver and onions, then choose calves liver and onion and you get a BIG choice:

Other wine pairings with liver and onions:
The University Club restaurant in Cincinnati recommends an Australian Cabernet Sauvignon
See their yummy menu:

Wine Enthusiast magazine suggests Sirah
See their menu that includes liver and onions (long link)

On the web I have seen the following suggestions: chablis, dry whte wine, a soft grenache or granache rose and rieslings among others.

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