Monday, May 28, 2012

National Escargot Day 5 24 2012 Escargot are good anytime!!

What are escargot?  Snails.  I remember the first time I ate them with their traditional butter garlic parsley  sauce and the tongs to fetch them out of the snails.  I had just moved to Germany with husband who was stationed in Germany with the Army.  I had never had any snails or escargot before but I always was adventurous and tried them!! I liked them!! 


We even bought the boxed kit with the tongs and the snail or escargot shells to prepare our own at home!!  You bought the snails in a can, drained them, put one in each shell with the butter garlic parsley sauce in the oven to warm them up. 

Recipe links below:

Escargot Bourguignon (traditional)
Video Link from  Be the Cook recipe 

Several recipes from

Check out this menu from New Orleans with a different twist on escargot preparation.

Check out this column by Peter Hertzmann in 2004 about escargot!! It's definitely worth a read!!

Want to know more about snails from the Wise Geek?
See this link: on escargot


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