Wednesday, May 16, 2012

National Barbecue Day 5 16 2012


Texas barbecue sauce - Lots of ingredients!!
Amazing ribs

Eastern North Carolina barbecue sauce - Vinegar - my fav.
All recipes Eastern NC Barbecue Sauce

Barbecue sauces - medley
Kansas, Texas, western vs eastern NC barbecue sauces

Barbecue sauce - PA
PA Dutch Birch Beer Barbecue Sauce

Cornell NY Chicken Barbecue
Cornell NY poultry barbecue sauce

Southern Plates North Alabama White Barbecue Sauce
Alabama White barbecue sauce

Florida Barbecue Sauce
Tim's Florida Barbecue Sauce

English Barbecue Sauce
All recipes UK barbecue sauce

Australian Barbecue Sauce
All recipes Aussie barbecue sauce

Spanish Barbecue Sauce (marmalade)
Spanish Barbecue Sauce

What wines?  Depends upon Barbecue Sauce.
See these links to live and learn:
From chowhound

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