Monday, May 28, 2012

Greek Festival Food Continued 4

Tiropites or Tiropeta or Tyropeta  (Tissue thin layers of pastry dough filled with a mixture of Greek feta cheese
 and baked to a golden brown)


Yields - 24 pieces
1     lb. feta cheese, crumbled coarsely (can buy this way)
1/2 lb small curd cottage cheese (I use low fat)
1/2 lb. cream cheese (I use low fat)
1 cup Parmesan cheese
6 large eggs (can use those egg substitutes in dairy section)
dash white pepper
1 lb Filo dough** (see below)
1  lb butter, melted

In a lrg. mixing bowl, beat eggs till blended. Add cheeses & white pepper & mix until blended well.

Using melted butter, brush bottom of 17-1/2" x 11" pan.  Lay out one sheet of Filo at a time, brushing each sheet with butter.  Continue until 1/2 lb. (or 1/2 of sheets) is used.

Spread egg & cheese filling evenly over entire pan.  Then continue using one sheet of Filo at a time, brushing each sheet with butter until entire supply is used. 

Before baking score top layers with sharp knife into square pieces, the size of your choice.  
(usually 3" x 3")

Bake in a 350 degree oven for 25 minutes or until golden brown.  Serve hot.

Note:  May be frozen before baking.  Be certain to cover airtight. 

See wine pairings below

**How to use filo dough
Because filo dough dries very quickly, it must be covered during use.  The following procedure may be used each time a recipe calls for Filo (phyllo) dough ... .

Unroll dough and place between two swheets of wax paper - layer as in diagram below ....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - dampened paper towel
_________________ sheet of waxed paper
//////////////////////////////////////////////    filo dough
_________________ sheet of waxed paper 
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - dampened paper towel

Wine pairings

Some suggest a fruity Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand or the Loire (French) 
Vermentino wines (see link about vermentino below)

Muscat or Muscato

While meandering about wine pairings for this dish I ran across 
a general food pairing chart for the novice.  HERE IS THE LINK: 


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